Giving Back

At Studio KYK we LOVE giving back to the community! In addition to our own special events, we encourage our employees to contribute to causes that they feel are important. Studio KYK’s company-wide charity efforts reflect the interests of our core business and focus on several distinct areas:

Family, Women, Children, Youth Services

Health & Wellness

We want to help wherever we can! In order to better evaluate the many donation requests we receive throughout the year, Studio KYK has established formal giving guidelines. We will consider requests from non-profit organizations that focus on similar areas to those stated above.

Please feel free to fill out our contribution request form so we can find the best way to support your fundraising efforts.


  • {REAL PRINTS} order online 
{4x6  $10}    {5x7 $15}    {8x10 $25}    and go up from there.... 
To order....  
in your gallery, click the "Buy" button over the large image on the right,   follow prompts
*order today they will be at your home in the next day or two, they print in Santa Cruz and ship   really fast.  

{REAL DISK} order from me 
I sell disk with the right to images then you can print as you wish and have all images forever 
DVD prints up to 4x6's ~ $250 
DVD prints up to 8x12's ~  $500 
*prints larger the 8x12 need to be ordered from studio for Quality control 
** Disk need within 1 week or there will be a $50 computer reloading fee.
*** Mini shoots disks are 1/2 off pricing above

{REAL CANVAS OR METAL} order from me
meet with me at the studio and we can do this together.... 
{8x12 $125}    {11x14~ $150}    {20x30~ $300}    {30x40~ $425}    more sizes available 
*15% off 20x30 and larger if used as a studio sample for 3 months
** holiday special for 8x12 disk ~ im adding a 20x30 canvas wrap ($300 valve) from your shoot with the purchase of a 8x12's 
(note: canvas will be a studio display for 3 months then it's yours! )
{REAL CARDS} order online
To make a card.... 
in your gallery click the "Buy" button over the large image on the right
then choose "create a card" follow prompts have fun and get creative. 
*you can make holiday, birth announcements, thank yous, valentines day, ect.... 
**100+ designs to choose from  4x8 flat cards and 5x7 folded cards 
***order  1, 20, 50 or 100 
**** have me make your card for a $50 service fee.

I can meet with you at the studio and we can do this together I have fun stuff samples of canvas wrap or meta prints minimum order $250 at the time of meeting
  • i LOVE silhouette~  if i can find a location  on your shoot ~ i will be all over it .
  • baby on the way???  grab some lil clothes!
  • Q: we have a new puppy can we bring her for family photos???

A:  YES YES YES!!!  
there is no better time then doing photos with the new 4 legged family member.   contact me when you bring the baby home.
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