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Photographic Prints

we offer a full range of print sizes and finish options
our printers use professional photo paper to create
long lasting and high quality photographic prints

4x6 -  20

5x7 - 25

8x10 - 40

8x12 - 45  



you can order your own gift prints online and ship directly to your address
not all options available online
I have  many other sizes and options for special order - please contact me  for details. 
Kodak ENDURA professional photo paper
lustre finish, fine grain pebble texture
normal surface paper

glossy finish and metallic appearance
rich, vibrant colors and flattering flesh tones
creates exceptional visual interest and depth
offers century-plus image stability
ideal for portraits, wedding mementos, and commercial press kits

{Luster prints}<br />
<br />
4x6's ~ $10<br />
5x7's  ~ $15<br />
8x10's ~ $25<br />
11x14's ~ $55<br />
16x20's ~ $125<br />
8 die cut wallets ~ $20<br />
LOTS more sizes available<br />
ordered by you just click the "buy" button over the large image on the right  and  photos will be mailed directly to you

Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings help guard against scratching and other damage, and enhance the appearance of photographic prints. Protective Spray in Glossy and Lustre finishes, as well as Laminate Coating in Glossy and Matte are also available for most items.


add durability to your frame-ready prints
mounted on 2mm styrene
durable smooth plastic resistant to warping

black or white
{Mounted }<br />
all you need now is a frame...  <br />
<br />
11 x 14 ~ 2mm Styrene ~ $60 <br />
16 x 20 ~ 2mm Styrene ~ $120 <br />
Limited sizes 16x20 is the largest <br />
<br />
custom order at studio

studio orders include free shippping
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